Acupuncture Protocol

   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, prostate cancer, or any abnormal enlargement of the prostate, is mostly to a kidney Qi. Qi is defined as the vital energy of every living organism and the source of al movement and change in the universe. When the kidney blood and Qi become static or blocked due to toxic accumulation on the lover Jiao (lower abdomen), it could result in an enlargement of the prostate. The treatment then should revitalize or increase Qi circulation in the kidneys and blood. Once the Qi circulation is restore, patients begin to feel an improvement in the symptoms: pain in the intercourse, pain after intercourse, night time sweating, day time sweating, pain in the perinea area, pain in the penis, pain in the bladder area, pain in the anus, sleepiness, lack of energy, decrease of energy, stress and anxiety, depression, lower back pain, premature ejaculation, no sensation with ejaculation, unable to have erection, loss of appetite, inability to sleep, incomplete emptying of bladder, frequency of urinating, starting and stopping during urinating, urgency of urinate, weak urinary stream, straining to begin urinating, getting up often at night to urinate. The acupuncture protocol designed to increase Qi circulation and minimize the symptoms listed above is as follows:

Ear Points: (Both ears, must insert points first)
ShenMen, Sympathetic Point, Kidneys, Liver, and Upper Lung
Body Points: Liver2 (Xiagjian), Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao), Stomach 36 (Zusanli), Stomach 25 (Tianshu), Ren 17 (Tanzhong), LI (large intestine) 20 (Yingxiang), Special Point Yintang,

Master Tong Body Special Points:
Special Point 1: is applied with the patient in supine position, measure 3 cun above on the media posterior border of the tibia. Needle 1-1.5 cun in depth, keeping needle at a 45% angle.
Special Point 2: is applied with the patient in supine position, measure 1.5 cun bellow Spleen 9 (Yolingquan). Needle 5 fen to 1 cun in depth.

Electrical Stimulation: Use in legs points and Stomach 25.
Lamp: Applied only in the Middle Jiao (above the umbilicus for twenty minutes, never lower abdomen)

The points above are grouped in the following combinations facilitating the following results:

Ear Points Kidney and Body Points: Kidney 3, Spleen 6, Stomach 36, are used for strengthening the kidney Qi and Vital Energy.

Body Point: Liver 2, Stomach 25, Special Point 1-2-3, and Ear point Liver are used together for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Ear Points: ShemMen and Sympathetic for relaxing the body.

Ear Point Lung and Body Points: Ren 17, YingTang, and LI 20 work together in strengthening the lung Qi, aid in respiration, stimulate the Qi of the entire body, and maintain normal water metabolism to keep urination smooth.